Video Pricing

What does a web video cost?

That’s like saying, how big is a rock? Or how long is a string? The short answer is, it’s whatever the budget allows, heck you can do it for free with your hand-held device and YouTube!

But the thing is, what we see on Television and film has conditioned us. Anything less looks and feels amateur. So the expectation is there. A great video takes time, planning and professional experience. A video without production value defeats its own purpose.

Here’s a conservative overview without the frills of what to expect for video costs. Figure we go to your company and shoot it all there so it’s easy. This will give you an idea of what to expect.

3 crew ~ Director, Producer/PA & a Cameraman. Figure an Editor on system for about 10 hours X $100 = $4000

Scriptwriter 5 hours x $20 = $100

Titles ~ 2 hours x $200 = $400

No talent costs or lighting equipment - just a reflector, shooting with available light.

Camera ~ DSLR 10 hours x $25 = $250

Sound mixer + gear & boom operator ~ 10 hours x $50 = $500

Canned rights-free music for $30

Talking head interviews, no teleprompter.

Output to one size.

No permits, no licensing, no union fees, no studio, no tech scout no voice over narration, no props, no stock footage, no hair & make-up person or extras.

Lunch and gas $200

No insurance which is always recommended.

TOTAL = $5280

From here, the more you add, like lights, a studio, actors and all the items that were not included, the more production value your video will have.