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Why don’t you make movies about us?” We are! Please help us!

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U.S. Military asked the inhabitants of Bikini Atoll in 1946, to use their home to test atomic bombs in the name of God.

First comes the flash. Then silence. An explosion, brighter than the sun, expands in a split-second into a four-mile-wide fireball. And they called it Bravo. The Marshallese people have endured unthinkable deaths, radiation, nightmarish birth defects, all forms of cancer, and have been exiled from their homes. Americans need to learn our part in this and how unnecessary these devices are.

We destroyed their culture then stole their future. And now, thanks to climate change, Runit Dome in the Marshall Islands is sinking. Over 3.1 million cubic feet of radioactive material and lethal amounts of plutonium from our atomic testing program are stored there creating our own potential Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The film Nine Degrees North will tell their story to the masses so we can all begin to make a difference.

In November of 2019 the LA Times published an article on how we betrayed the people of the Marshall Islands. The article ends with Marshallese native, Nerje Joseph, saying “In Los Angeles, you make movies about the Titanic - about people who lost everything.

Why don’t you make movies about us?” We are! Please help us! ~ Nine Degrees North. One of the most important films of our time.

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