Naming Your Business

What's In A Name?

Naming Your Business Graphic Designers Santa Barbara

Everything! Don’t cut corners here - this one’s crucial and non-negotiable. Some clients will shoot themselves in the foot by grabbing that URL too soon or not doing the proper clearances to see if it’s okay to use. This is a very necessary phase of the process. A strong name will make all the difference in the world and it deserves a naming exploratory just like your brand design does. The character of your brand and how it guarantees your brand’s promise is all too important. Does it flow off the tongue? Is it unique and memorable? A huge part of your branding begins here.

“Bayouth Productions named and created a classic and timeless logo for my Real Estate Company. Crocker Realty. Their creativity is unsurpassed, working with them was a wonderful experience.”

                                        ~ Jeri Tamburro - Crocker Realty