Portland Motion Graphics

Spice Up Your Reel With Cool Motion Graphics of Your Logo

Motion graphics is like of a blank canvas to express your ideas, tell your story. Digital footage or animation which create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audio.

Bayouth Productions Logo I.D.

This Motion Graphic involves rotoscoping from real birds and animating vector graphics.

Rincon Brewery

In-house branding for their monitors over the bar. 

Main Title Design, Animation & Illustration

The map was first inked and distressed to look like a 14th-century map. That file was brought into After Effects and a 3D camera was animated over the map. After Effects is a great program to create really powerful motion graphics. 

Map Animation from Michael Bayouth on Vimeo.

Animation and Editing

Fun with animation! We created the Animation Magazine brand logo years ago and edited this 30-second spot for them as well. They used it online to sell their back issues of the magazines. This is a good example of Motion Graphics, editing, music and sound effects. We generated the copywriting for the voice-over which was voiced by Ventura Radio Station D.J., Scott McKean. We also came up with their slogan:

"Reality Is For People Who Can't Handle Animation"