Animation and Live Action Video

Sizzle Reel for Cartoon Network Sizzle Reel from Michael Bayouth on Vimeo.

A large Beverly Hills agency asked animation producer, Rita Street to with help with writing and producing a pitch reel for a new online website for kids called The idea was that it would be like Facebook for kids. The pitch reel we produced presents a safe place for kids to connect online and is a mix of live action with actors and animation. It has since evolved and been purchased by the Cartoon Network.

Mixels Cartoon Network Michael Bayouth Santa Barbara-1
Mixels Cartoon Network Michael Bayouth Santa Barbara-2

Bayouth Productions Co-Produced and Directed the sizzle reel, produced the animation and handled all the post production. Written by the talented Rita Street and Co Produced by Rita Street as well.

Mixels' Cast


Chelsea Bayouth and Micaela Beckwith

The Children:

Justin Baldwin & Jennifer Lockhart.


James Hagopian


Morgan Demeter

Key Grip:

Mason Trager