Music Video Production

A Musical Holiday Gift 

Sometimes it all comes together effortlessly. As did with this poem turned music video. This labor-of-love arrived as a simple moment of allowing oneself to just sit and write.

It was December several years ago. Out came this fictional poem about a guy down on his luck at Christmas time shopping around yard sales in Montecito - namely Oprah’s neighborhood, hence the title. And you guessed it, he's sees Oprah, who lets him off cheap and wishes him a Merry Christmas.

My friends in Nashville recorded it and I grabbed the mic. Back home I edited the piece in 2 days and had it posted on YouTube as a gift to my kids. 

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Music Written & Performed by Michael Bayouth, Music Produced & Recorded by Terry Williams & Ress Benson - Video Produced, Directed, and Edited by Michael Bayouth, Video Co-Produced, DP, Camera & Drone by Luke Butcher