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"To Have and to Hold" ~ Feature Film


“As America took it first breaths as a nation, a boundless romance exploded on the horizon like the cannons at Jamestown. The heroic Captain, Miles Cambridge, and the beautiful Duchess of royal lineage, Lady Jocelyn. But can true love, bound for adventure, find its way in a world battling for freedom, domination, and gain? Can pure love be strong enough to endure the poisonous trappings of an evil Duke or a band of murderous pirates protecting a bounty of priceless treasures? This high seas adventure sets sail and discover the passion between the finest swordsman in the world and the fairest maiden in the land. Now, their vow, to have and to hold will strike a bond more mighty than the tides that have brought their worlds together.”

This multi-million-dollar film captured all we bring to the table here at Bayouth Productions over a six-month period. Branding, One-sheet movie poster exploratory, storyboards, illustration for 3D generated sequences, and much more.

Feature Film and Movie Marketing Michael Bayouth Santa Barbara

Name Your Product

These filmmakers weren't sure if they had the right to the title
“To Have and to Hold,” ~ so they had us do an exploratory of names for the film.

  • The Captain & the Duchess
  • The Gentleman & the Maiden
  • The Captain’s Lady Love In The Land of the Free
  • Forbidden Marriage
  • A Vow To Hold
  • Vow To Adventure
  • Till Death Do Us Part
  • A Bride In Jamestown
  • First Vow
  • A Vow In Jamestown
  • The Bride and the Colony
  • A Gentleman In Jamestown
  • Over The Threshold
  • Adventure In Arms
  • A Marriage In Jamestown
  • Of Valor and Grace
  • The Settlers’ Bride
  • Land of Vows
  • A Lady's Hand In The New Land
  • 90 Brides For Jamestown
  • First Love In Jamestown
  • The First Vow
  • Brides of Jamestown
  • Passion In Arms
  • Passion In America
  • Passion In The New Land
  • Of Swords & Chivalry
  • The Captain’s Vow
  • The Promise in the New Land
  • Of Lords and Ladies
  • The Lady’s Hand