Jessica, a 20-year-old filmmaker grappling with her own identity, learns her dad is really her adoptive father. Completely blindsided by this, it’s revealed her real father was poisoned by artificially bred spiders and died when he was just seventeen. What the hell? 

Feeling betrayed Jess leaves home with only a duffle bag and a photo album given to her by her mother and moves in with her best friend Martina. The photo album contains everything she’ll ever know about her real father Grady Von Park, and her grandfather, Vincent Von Park.  

This revelation has left Jess’s head spinning. Determined to find out all she can, they track a picture in the photo album of her father’s best friend, Carlos, to a car repair shop only an hour away. 

Carlos takes Martina & Jess to the cornfield where it all happened– where Tara, AKA Tarantula, a spider breeder, and members of her Black Knights hot rod car club, all met mysterious violent deaths on Halloween night some twenty years back. 

Jess is floored to learn that it was all in retaliation for her father’s murder - and that Vincent Von Park, her newly acquired grandfather, had something very much to do with it and has been missing ever since.


Inside the corn maze, Jess’s presence awakens this vengeful energy setting into motion a chain reaction of horrifying events including being chased by a driverless phantom hot rod through the cornfield and a face-to-face encounter with the haunted corn maze scarecrow, Tarantula!

Jess is frustrated because her film school buddies are less sympathetic and more interested in the location for a movie idea. They get separated in the maze and are unaware that two of their friends who have gone missing have met hideous deaths. 

What kind of violent deaths could have taken place that makes this haunting so deadly? Only Von Park and the corn maze itself hold the secret.

Jess and Martina take a shred of burlap from the scarecrow to a spirit consultant, Roshanna, who, after putting herself in a trance to channel Tarantula, attacks Jess. After recovering, she confirms the energy there is very powerful and must be seriously eradicated or more people will go missing once it opens for the Halloween season which is only days away.

With the clock ticking, and a bagful of witches’ concoctions to burn per Roshanna’s instructions, Jess must somehow perform a clearing at the scarecrow cross in the middle of the haunted corn maze. Roshanna also tells them they must perform a native American healing technique called a visualization – a creative, imaginative meditation trance that will send these restless spirits back to hell. 

But Tarantula’s ghostly powers have now moved beyond the confines of the cornfield, wreaking horror in their lives, as even Jess’s little brother Thomas is now in a coma after suffering a hideous spider bite. After another of her crew is killed by a deadly insect swarm, it leaves Jess more determined than ever to see if she can find her grandfather, Vincent Von Park, and enlist his help. 

Following up on a classic car collector referred by Carlos, it’s revealed the collector has been keeping one of her grandfather’s cars just for Jess, who is blown away when she is handed the keys to a Von Park original – a beautifully restored and painted ‘32 Roadster!

Jess realizes the pinstriping on the paint job is more than just elegant, it’s a secret map to where Von Park lives - road trip! 

Jess and Martina find Vincent Von Park, her grandfather, and learn the dreadful secret of what happened that fateful Halloween night when he led the entire Black Knights car club on a high-speed chase that caused their untimely deaths and got away with it. Jess and Martina are left speechless - only something this horrifically violent could have caused such a monstrous haunting.

The final confrontation between Jess and Tarantula takes place in Tarantula’s ghostly realm at the cornfield via Jess’s visualization. It’s a world where Jess’s creativity as a filmmaker comes in handy as she is only bound by her imagination which is her biggest asset.  The final battle between Tarantula and her vengeful band of undead nomads will not only put Jess’s life on the line but place her face to face to meet her real undead father!

Will she succumb to Tarantula’s paranormal influence and become just another victim or will she pull out all the stops and meet Tarantula on the otherworldly battlefield like a true force to be reckoned with.

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