Branding Pricing and Packaging

We’re all about small businesses being able to access top creative talent without the hefty price tag. Our secret? We work fast, we’re creative & we get things done.

Naming Exploratory

Developing a BRAND name for your product or company



With Taglines add


Create a Handcrafted Logo Design (Brand)

Small Business


Medium Business $1800
Big Business


Turn on the Lights

Now that you have a logo let’s make it a brand!

Not so much that it breaks the bank but enough to get you going. Let us take your completed logo and brand it across all your popular social media platforms or blogs! From LinkedIn, Blogger, Google, and Facebook, we’ll create a branded continuity throughout. Banners, Backgrounds, profile icons, blog headers – we will do it all. No matter where your audience or customers go your brand will be perceived as vast and powerful. The package also comes with complete stationery design and up to 3 brand-related fonts for your computer and you're ready to flick the switch. Bam! $4500.
  • We also offer Motion Graphics (animating your logo), Copywriting services, Brochure Design, Website Design and Web Video production. Email for an estimate. 
  • Merchandising licensing fees.