The Creative Roots of Bayouth Productions

Jun 15, 2019 at 04:02 PM

Bayouth Productions Agency is located in Ventura California where the ocean provides constant inspiration for the many and varied clients who pass through their doorway.

One week it might be creating the logo branding campaign for a new chain of Breweries and all their Merchandising. The next week it might be illustrating a #1 international best-selling novel and providing the headlines and marketing campaign to drive its sales. Or creating a seasons worth of detailed storyboards breaking down the complex action sequences for Magnum P.I., Warner Brothers’ Lethal Weapon or Foxs’ The Orville.

Now you might say, those are vastly different things, and you’d be right. But that is exactly why Bayouth Productions Agency is writing a new book called, "An Artist Is." It's about the art of creating a living as an artist and how to do it.

As a graphic designer, Bayouth created all the graphics for season 7 of the hit TV show, The Office. In the early days, Disney hired him to position the lion-share of their classics. For 101 Dalmatians Bayouth penned the headline copy that launched the re-release of the film. It was, “What Would You Do With 101 Dalmatians?” Keep ‘Em on Video!” For Mary Poppins, Bayouth developed the key poster art and logo that stuck its landing back in the ’90s and has been used to promote the film ever since.

For their release of Aladdin, Bayouth wrote, “Grant Their Wish on Video” depicting two children rubbing a genie lamp that magically produces the floating Aladdin video box. That award-winning ad won the prestigious Starch Award that year for the most effective ad out of a quarter million. And developing the key artwork for their VHS and DVD jackets became a laundry list of giants; The Santa Clause, The Aristocats, The Rescuers Down Under, Hercules, and many more.

Many of Universal’s top properties were also packaged by Bayouth ProductionsET, Flipper, BABE, Toonsilvania, The Chipmunk Adventure, and many others. For Steven Spielberg’s “The Land Before Time,”  he created the poster design campaign that launched the 6-film-billion-dollar franchise.

Bayouth Productions is a creative services agency. Whether you're needing a powerful logo designedbrandingillustration, copywriting, web videosspecialty propsstoryboarding, merchandising, or directing a music video, it's all under one roof!


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