Logos are about recognition ~ Brands are about feelings

Feb 14, 2017 at 10:20 PM
Clever Is Not Necessarily Better Branding conveys a company's promise to its customer.

Designing a logo is the fun part of creating a business brand. But before you pick out your company name, the design, the colors and font, you need to ask yourself; is your logo speaking to your customers or is it simply a design that you thought looked clever, trendy, or artistic? Logos are much more than an art project.

Your logo is only one part of your brand. It speaks on behalf of your brand, an image that presents all that you and your company represent.

Think about this for a minute. When you see McDonald’s Golden Arches, what comes to mind? Affordable food? Good value? Quick? Trustworthy? Consistency? Fun? Happy Meal?

What about Apple’s logo? Sleek? Innovative? Technology? Got to have it? Apple has a branding strategy that focuses on emotions. The starting point is how an Apple product experience makes you feel. The Apple brand personality is about lifestyle; imagination; innovation; passion; hopes, dreams and aspirations.

What does your logo say to consumers? Do you know? Do they understand your brand and have a sense of who you are and not just the type of product or service you are selling?

Logos are about recognition and Brands are about feelings - and they work together to create great branding, which is all about connection. When your brand announces to the world your values and beliefs, such as integrity, great customer service, quality ingredients, reliability, friendly, consistency, or whatever it is that your company is all about, that is when you have made a connection. That is when your logo and your brand speak for you.

Here at Bayouth Branding we encourage you to dig a little deeper. We help you to align your entire business with what you believe so that you can officially communicate that. Our goal is to help you create a successful brand, one that speaks loudly for you, attracting your dream clients and customers.

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