Rebranding The Creekside Inn

Jan 20, 2017 at 02:30 PM

The Creekside Inn has been a staple of Santa Barbara for years. Thanks to Account Exec, Monte Rueb for putting me in touch with the nice folks who are making it into a Family Restaurant. The branding process has just begun and the onsite construction is all coming together.

Rebranding The Creekside Inn

This is a great example where you have a known landmark to rebrand. You don't want to lose the awareness Santa Barbarians already have, yet you want it to feel fresh at the same time. This can be tricky and it takes a lot of finesse. Adding to that, The Creekside Inn was more known for being a bar and now it needs to read more as an upscale, "family" restaruant without loosing that bar read. Designing within all these parameters make The Creekside a unique branding assignment that we absolutely love!


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