What's the Branding Process?

Getting To Know You

Branding Process Creative Services Michael Bayouth Santa Barbara

First, we get to know you. It’s a discovery process about you and your product -- your company and its goals. We want to know where you plan to go in your market -- your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Then we begin our internal creative process.

Brainstorming, Discovery & Happy Accidents

Branding Creative Services Michael Bayouth Santa Barbara

The marketing engine revs up and we begin to churn out thoughtful creative to best serve our client’s needs. Pencils are sharpened and the copy is written. Many times original art is generated. Hand inking, hand-lettering, a one-off watercolor -- it could be anything. This is what makes the difference. Some designs make the cut, some don’t. We’re hard on ourselves but we always come through with flying colors and our clients reap all the rewards.

The Exploratory

Typical exploratory of design concepts

We emerge from the rabbit hole approximately a week later with an exploratory of creative branding. This exploratory consists of a half dozen or so branding solutions. Some in different marketed directions. Some are presented in color and some in black and white. This is where the fun begins!

Magic Castle Cabaret branding exploratory