21 Sunsets

Romantic Comedy Set For
Carpinteria California!

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Claire Davis, relationship blogger, seems to have relationship problems of her own. Her ridged disposition framed by the relentless ticking of her biological clock is hampering her love life, in that she currently doesn’t have one at all.

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Rob Brooks, her ex, a struggling writer himself, seemed so perfect until she discovered he didn’t want to have children, and in fact, hates them.
A year has passed and the only souvenir of their ill-fated relationship is a screenplay they wrote while together that is now getting traction in Hollywood! But it needs TLC!

When they reunite to punch up their screenplay, it becomes the very catalyst for comedy in 21 Sunsets. So, get ready for three acts, a splash of tonic and a twist ending over the course of Twenty-One Sunsets.

There’s an exciting local buzz that's growing around this new romantic comedy. It's set to be filmed in the local Carpinteria area starting April 16th. Casting has been done out of Hollywood. It's an amazing cast and the movie already has distribution in place. The film, 21 Sunsets, is a love story based on the popular blog, The Coffee Shop Diary by Kim Klein. The screenplay for the film was written by Michael Bayouth & Kim Klein at The Palm Lofts in Carpinteria, California back in 2014. 

Several Carpinteria businesses have already offered locations, such as;
Teddy's by the Sea, Giannfranco’s, and The Alcazar Theater.

Teddy's By The SeaGiannfranco'sThe Alcazar Theater

 21 Sunsets Michael Bayouth - Director

Michael Bayouth - Director

Michael is a union storyboard artist. He’s worked on many features including Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man II creating test shots, and storyboarding the Doc Ock tentacle sequences and working with the likes of Sam Raimi and John Dykstra. He’s storyboarded for many years in television as well - 3 seasons on Salem and 2 seasons on The Orville working alongside Brannon Braga. He worked with EP Nick Copus on Season 3 of Lethal Weapon directing the complex action sequences. He just finished boarding all of season II for Magnum PI directing many of the action sequences.

Filmmaking is not new to him either. His comedy mockumentary, Take 22, won 5 awards including best picture at the Mock Film Festival at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.

Included in his toolbox is movie poster design and illustration. He’s specialized in creating print sales tools for films since the early 80’s working for all the major studios including Disney and Universal. This includes Marry Poppins, Rescuers Down Under, Babe, and 101 Dalmatians to name a few.

 21 Sunsets Joss Rcfauvelet - Director of Photography

Joss Refauvelet - Director of Photography

Joss Refauvelet - native to Annecy, a beautiful town in the French Alps, has studied the arts all over the world ranging from Model Making in Kent, England to Special Effects make-up in Burbank, CA. He has a decade of experience working as both an SFX make-up artist & set constructor in Paris, France. But his true passion lies in film directing, production & editing.

Joss loves working on all kinds of film ranging from commercial. shorts, features, etc. He has just completed a full feature-length movie called PRND (Park. Reverse. Neutral. Drive.) The movie is getting a distribution deal worldwide. He now resides in Ventura, California.

For More Information contact Michael Bayouth [email protected] or call 805-804-2929